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Hand Mixed Solid Marker

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HAND MIXED Ultra resistant paint for mark all types of surfaces, in all weather conditions. Hand-mixed in Barcelona based on solid marker manufactured in Japan by Sakura Colors Products Corp.

  • Paint in solidified stick form.
  • Handy with no need of solvent or brush.
  • No messy dripping of paint even painting upwards.
  • Dries within minutes, is permanent once dry and is virtually odourless.
  • Removable with normal spirits or thinner.
  • Working temperature range (-10°C ~ 200°C).

The special “Stay Fresh” twist mechanism keeps paint fresh and ready to use.
Ideal for use on wood, cloth a& canvas, plastic, steel & iron, rubber, cardboard, glass, fiberglass & concrete.

Hand Mixed produces a 13 mm wide mark and if the marker is left to dry out it’s easily brought back to life by trimming with a knife.
Six slices multicolor version.
Category: tagging markers

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